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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Alberto Vaca Melchor who was born in California on March 11, 1975 and passed away on December 24, 2005 at the age of 30. We will remember him forever. 


Albert was a beloved Son, Grandson, Brother, Father, Fiancee and Friend

Albert was loved by all that knew him and had the privilege of crossing paths with him. He was born and raised in Soledad, California. Soledad was Albert's town and although Albert left Soledad at an early age he always expressed how he knew that was where he was going to end up in life.

Albert was a huge fan of the Dallas Cowboys and was fortunate to make it to some of their recent games. Albert had a favorite pizza place that he would usually go to on Sundays the watch his "boys"  play.

Among so many other things Albert was a very smart and determined person. Once he set his mind on something there was no stopping him. Studying was something he very much enjoyed and the library was one of his favorite places to go to. He attended Fresno State, Sacramento State and had graduated from San Jose State in 2004. In 2005 he started taking courses to receive all of his teaching credentials. Law School was also in his near future.

In late 2005 he had just got hired on as a full time teacher at Fischer Middle School. Albert gave teaching 100 percent. He was constantly working on lesson plans and was always trying to figure out a way to keep the kids attention.

Albert will be dearly missed and although he was with us for too short of a time he touched everyone around him and his legacy will live on. 

This candle will stay lit in honor of such a great man
Albert Melchor
You are loved and missed

On December 24th I lost the only man I truly loved. Not only was he my prince charming but he was also my best friend who knew everything there was to know about me.

Albert and I were together for almost two years. We would joke that we were addicted to each other because no matter if we had broken up only for a couple days a week or even a month we would still talk to each other pretty much everyday and would always end up coming back to each other because in the end that's where we wanted to be. When something major or upsetting  would be going on in our lives we would turn to each other before anyone else knew. When I was with Albert that was when I was the happiest. He and I were always very loving and affectionate to each other like people are in the beginning of a relationship and even though we had been together for two years that never changed. We were always holding hands, hugging and he would always try to sneak in a kiss when I wasn't expecting it.

Albert was also the smartest person I had ever met. He had a drive in him that I have never seen in anyone else. Being a single father with no help from anyone Albert managed to graduate from San Jose State in 2004 and was getting ready to attend Law School. He was also a full time teacher in Language Arts at Fischer Middle School. I was and still am so proud of him. Someone asked me awhile ago what I loved most about in life and I smiled and said Albert.

I never pictured my life without Albert in it. We had so many plans for our future. He was just telling me the other day how he sees us still very much in love at 50 unfortunately Albert didn't make it to 50. Two days before Albert passed away he surprised me with a Diamond Sapphire ring and when I opened it I remember crying and telling how happy he made me and he said I promise to make you happy for the rest of my life........and he kept his promise. He made me happy like no one ever had.

Having to say good bye to him is and will remain the hardest thing I have ever had to endure. I remember our last kiss our last hug and the last time he said he loved me. I promised him I could never love another. It's not possible. I know I can't be with the love of my life right now but I know I will get to be with him again. Since this has happened and I see couples holding hands or being affectionate it gets to me because I know I will never have that again at least not here but then I realize I had love at its very best and not everyone gets to experience that and for that I'm grateful to God for bringing him into my life even if it was only for a little while.

The day Albert passed away he talked to one of his close friends and told him how happy he was with his life. He talked about how much he loved his mom and how he was proud of his brothers and happy with work and he told him how he was in love with me and how we were going to move in together and start our lives together. I was glad to know that in the hours before his passing he was truly happy and content with himself and I'm glad I was a part of his happiness because he has always been a major part of mine.

 Big lips
One more kiss for you Baby!

At the finest level of my being,
you're still with me.
We still look at each other,
at that level beyond sight.
We talk and laugh with each other,
in a place beyond words.
We still touch each other,
on a level beyond touch.
We share time together in a place,
where time stands still.
We are still together,
on a level called Love.
But I cry alone for you,
in a place called reality.

Only the Best
A Heart of Gold stopped beating,
Two shining eyes at rest.
God broke our hearts to prove
He only takes The Best.
God knows you had to leave us,
But you did not go alone ~
For part of us went with you,
The day He took you Home.
To some you are forgotten,
To others just the past.
But to us who loved and lost you,
Your memory will always last

Tell me how I can make it, Since you're no longer there, Tell me why I should accept it, And why this life is so unfair. Why should I force a smile? How can I press on? You made my life worthwhile, but now you are gone. With you, you took my joy, With you, went all my hope. I don't know how to deal now, And I don't know how to cope. You were the one I loved, I miss heart's breaking- I wonder when God called you home, If he knew who he was taking? ...I will never forget you, and one day I will go to see, the perfect person who I loved, who was taken away from me... The phone rings the clock ticks time goes by so slow now that your gone My life has changed so much sometimes i wonder how you are sometimes i forget your gone and pick up the phone to call you sometimes I ask myself why do i cry your better now but the pain just takes me over the fact that your gone, strikes me so much the memories we shared I hope you remember them as well as I do I never got to say good bye I never got that last chance to say I love you but I let you know almost every night when I pray to God that you stay alright-Evangelina

My Heart has been broken,

                           My life has been changed,

                                 living without you 
                                 just isn't the same.

                             I don't know how to live,

                                 for you were my life,

                       Being in this world without you

                                      just isn't right.

               The day you left me my heart broke into,

                       apart of my soul went to Heaven,

                                      to be with you.

                             Time can't heal the pain,

                             the tears will never stop,

                               I'll never be the same,

                           Until I'm back in your arms,

                         where we never have to part



June 2, 2006

@ 11:41 p.m.

6 pounds 5 ounces

20 inches

Here's your son~my love

Already has your lips :) 

He has a favorite Teddy!

Oh yea he is a Jr. alright!

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Miss You Cuz All the family misses you we went for ur b-day all morning until 5 pm we took u cakeand soda my brats were there playing around u and my nana tio carmelo and my tia isabel were there with u like always ur in our hearts and thoughts NEVER...  Continue >>
Close to graduation   / Jose Lujano (Student)
It was always a dream of urs to see your first class graduate from high school. I remembered you the other day, i was thinking "I remembered he was so proud" well, I'm close to graduation, and i know that you will be watching. We still miss...  Continue >>
A Memory.......   / Shelly Alwayskennysmom
When someone you love becomes a memory,the memory becomes a treasure.Remembering them is easy,we do it everyday.Missing them is a heartache that never goes away.         You & Albert are such a handsome cou...  Continue >>
flashback to January   / Jose Lujano (Student)
wow, i was just seeing the website that u made for Mr. Melchor and I just couldnt help but burst into tears, this happened on my b day, sept 5th I was just remembering the other day, when I went to fischer, and I walked into his room, A strong feelin...  Continue >>
Mr. Melchor, you were the best teacher   / Jose Lujano (Student)
Mr Melchor, you were the best teacher that ive had, you motivated me to do good in skoo, and for that i thank you, I will never forget how you always told stories, and how you would always cheer me up whenever i was down, you were so cool, and everyo...  Continue >>
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His legacy
Your son....  

"Melchor Jr." 4 months old

I know your looking at this picture proud not only of your son but the jersey I put on him for you baby!! 

The baby with Andrew. Remember what you told Andrew that time we went away for the said he was the son you always wanted but never had. Now you have it  baby!

Dressed up like his Papi!

My Daddy......  

My Daddy is Only a Picture
(Thomas C. Dilbeck)

I ask a little boy to call his daddy
He said he couldn't and sighed
And when I ask him what was wrong
Here's what the boy replied.

My Daddy Is Only A Picture
In a frame that hangs on the wall
Each day I talk to my daddy
But he never talks at all.

I tell him all of my secrets
And all of my little plans
And from the way he smiles at me
I know he understands.

The angels took daddy to heaven 
When I was in my mommys tummy you see 
But I'll bet they never told him
How blue and lonesome we'd be.

I tried to cheer up my mommy
When the tears rolled down her face
My Daddy Is Only A Picture
But I'm trying to take his place. 

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